Eternal Sonata World Map

A map depicting key locations in the World of Eternal Sonata

"Everything around us is all a part of my dream. Even you are just a product of my imagination."
—Frederic tells Polka that he believes everything around him to be part of a dream he's in.

The World of Eternal Sonata is the world in which the majority of the events of Eternal Sonata take place. It is separate from the "real world" in which the body of Frédéric François Chopin lies on his deathbed at Number 12 Place Vendôme in Paris, France, and trapped in a cycle of destruction and rebirth. Frederic travels through this world, which he believes to be entirely his dream, hoping to find some way to save Polka, whom he likens to his late sister, Emilia.


The World of Eternal Sonata is made up of many towns, smaller villages and various prairies, bodies of water and other landmarks. It is generally split up into two regions, the kingdoms of Forte and Baroque. The Andante region is technically claimed by Forte, but is home to the splinter group Andantino.



Andante regionEdit

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  • The game itself provides no in-game map and only rough descriptions of relative locations of various areas. The map featured on this page was released through one of the guides associated with the game and also through the official website with the promotional wallpaper of Serenade.
  • The only in-game appearance of the world map is in Viola's house. It is on the wall in front of the player when entered. It can be inspected but Allegretto only wonders where Ritardando is.
  • The World of Eternal Sonata includes at least two unique types of flowers-- the Heaven's Mirror that blooms only at 2 A.M. in the morning, releasing its light, and the Simile flower, which blooms when watered with Simile water, but wilts if normal water is used.