Very Very Empty
Very Very Empty
700 18 3
Location Path to Tenuto, Agogo Forest
Item Drop
Special Attacks A Terre, Frappe, Reparer

The Very Very Empty is a monster battled along the Path to Tenuto and in Agogo Forest in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is Eternal Sonata's weakest opponent and also the first encountered.


The Very Very Empty is found along the Path to Tenuto generally in groups of two and in the Agogo Forest alone or in groups of up to three and occasionally with L'Opera Knights. In the Agogo Forest, the Very Very Empty will morph into the Great Coconut when moving from light to darkness.


The Very Very Empty mostly uses a weak physical attack that is fairly easy to Guard against. It has three Special Attacks, A Terre, Frappe and Reparer. A Terre is a swift, striking attack that hits six times, while Frappe is a spinning attack that deals three hits. For both of these attacks, the Very Very Empty will hop about in particular way prior to attacking, thus telegraphing its intention to use one of these attacks and allowing the player to time the Guard. Finally, Reparer heals for approximately 400 HP, but it tends to use this very rarely.


The Very Very Empty has low HP and weak attacks and thus does not generally require much effort to defeat. The player should take care when fighting it with only Polka in Encore Mode, however, as it tends to use its Special Attacks more often. The Path to Tenuto contains a number of Very Very Empty opponents, though most of them can be avoided if the player does not want to spend time battling this weak opponent. The first one, however, must be fought as part of a tutorial battle, though the tutorial itself can be skipped.

When battling it in the Agogo Forest, unless farming for EXP, take care of any Very Very Empties in the light before battling Great Coconuts in the darkness in order to prevent them from moving into the darkness and becoming Great Coconuts.


Polka Fighting Two Very Very Empties

Polka, fighting two Very Very Empties on the Path to Tenuto

  • Notably, this weakest enemy shares its enemy type with the Dandelion, possibly the strongest opponent in the game, found only in the PlayStation 3 version.
  • If Allegretto visits Polka and Solfeges' house in Tenuto Village in Chapter 2, he can examine a pot on the stove and will comment "It looks like tonight's stew will have shrimp, scallops.... Hm? It's a Very Very Empty! It's the same shape as an onion, but can you eat it?"
  • If the player chooses to skip the tutorial in the first battle with this opponent along the Path to Tenuto, the turn order displayed by the game will be inaccurate. It will show that the Very Very Empty has the next attack, but Polka will actually get two turns in a row, allowing her to finish it off before it can even get in a single attack.

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