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Cover artwork of the Drama CD

The 「トラスティベル~ショパンの夢~」ドラマCD (Trusty Bell ~Chopin no Yume~ Drama CD?) is a CD album dramatizing the events of the game Eternal Sonata. Each track consists of original narration, music from the game by Motoi Sakuraba and dialogue from the characters.

The Drama CD was only released in Japan and is thus a somewhat rare import. It was never translated for the English-language release of Eternal Sonata.


  • Track 01 プロローグ (Prologue) (7:09)
  • Track 02 光るアゴゴの謎 (Puzzle of Agogo) (6:53)
  • Track 03 ピオラの家 (House of Viola) (4:48)
  • Track 04 ミュゼットとの交流 (Interchange with Miyuzetsuto) (6:50)
  • Track 05 へんてこ眼鏡との研究 (Research of Side Lever Glasses) (10:55)
  • Track 06 予兆 (Sign) (4:07)
  • Track 07 地下牢への侵入 (Invasion to Underground Prison) (4:95)
  • Track 08 フォルテ城・実験室 (Forte Castle - Laboratory) (5:22)
  • Track 09 脱走,そして真実 (Escape, and Truth) (4:54)
  • Track 10 救世主? (Messiah?) (3:32)
  • Track 11 闘い (Fight) (10:20)
  • Track 12 エピローグ (Epilogue) (4:29)


  • Hiro Shimono (下野紘)
  • Aya Hirano (平野綾)
  • Yumiko Kobayashi (小林由美子)
  • Mitsuaki Madono (真殿光昭)
  • Houko Kuwashima (桑島法子)
  • Mika Kanai (かないみか)
  • Chiwa Saitou (斉藤千和)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Track 05 includes the tune "321 Summer!," the theme of the Church of EZI and the theme of Lament, which were added for the PlayStation 3 version and not included on the game's soundtrack album.

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