"Oh, Mr. Caterpillar. You already knew the answer. Happiness, disappointment, sorrow, anger. These are the sights, smells, sounds and tastes. Life can take on many different shapes."
—Mr. Snail
Shape of Life

Mr. Caterpillar and Mr. Snail in Shape of Life

Shape of Life is a brief parable featured as a stinger at the end of Eternal Sonata following the game's second set of closing credits. In order to see it, the player must wait about 30 seconds after the message "Fin" is displayed, at which point the scene will begin automatically. It is considered an "omake," a Japanese term often used to mean "extra."


"Losing his patience, the caterpillar grew very angry and said, 'If you don't want to answer me then fine, I'm not going to ask you anymore, Mr. Snail. Goodbye!'"
—Mr. Caterpillar loses his patience.

Narrated by the male Narrator featured in the game's introduction, the parable features Mr. Caterpillar and Mr. Snail. Mr. Caterpillar approaches Mr. Snail, whom he believes to be wise and asks him "Mr. Snail, you know many things. Could you tell me, what kind of shape is the shape of life?" Rather than answering directly, however, Mr. Snail gives a series of responses that instead describe the color, scent, sound and taste of life. As he describes each one and compares it to something within life, the stars above change color and depict the thing being described. Mr. Catepillar grows more and more frustrated with each response that does not answer the question he posed.

Finally, annoyed, Mr. Caterpillar loses patience and leaves the scene angrily. Mr. Snail then states that Mr. Caterpillar already knew the answer... that life can take on many different shapes.

The camera pans up to the star field to show a shooting star and the scene comes to an end.

Musical ThemeEdit

The musical theme used for the story is the eponymous "Shape of Life." Played on the piano, it is mainly a slow, gentle tune with whimsical overtones, but becomes briefly discordant when Mr. Caterpillar grows angry with Mr. Snail.

Shape of Life - Sample

Listen to a sample of "Shape of Life"