Hometown Forte
Age 23
Weapon Staves
Japanese Voice Actor Fumiko Orikasa
English Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh
Eternal Sonata Character

Serenade: "A stalemate is not a solution. Standing still does not solve anything. For things to change, one side needs to take a step back."
Legato: "And so you're saying, Baroque has taken a step back?"
Serenade: "It requires much more courage to take a step back than it does to take a step forward. Would you not agree? After all, there is no guarantee that there will be ground to stand upon."
— Serenade pleads for peace.

Serenade (セレナーデ Serenāde?) is a princess of Forte, as well as Prince Crescendo's fiancée.


Princess Serenade is a graceful and refined young woman with a kind and gentle nature. However, she is not simply a fragile, sheltered princess. Serenade is steadfast in her beliefs; and though she is always polite and discerning when expressing her opinions, she is willing to fight to protect the things that matter to her. Serenade was sent to Baroque as a spy for Forte, but has apparently developed feelings for Prince Crescendo, the man she was sent to spy upon. She is in favor of peace and is troubled by the effects that war could have on the world. She feels that negotiation is the best solution to problems, but is capable of more than holding her own in battle when needed.


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Serenade and Minuet

She wears a long, elegant white/cream colored dress, along with light blue stockings on top of white stockings, heels and a small crown-like ornament atop her head. Her eyes are purple-grey and her hair is blonde in color. Her hair loops as they are tied into two ponytails and pinned at the back of her head. She also sports bangs that cover her eyebrows, which are light brown.


"Count Waltz, listen to me. All this time, I have kept close watch to make sure that Baroque made no move, that they never invaded Forte. And I was fully aware that by doing this, I was lending my support to you, and to Forte. But, through it all, I believed I was following the correct path; because I thought it was the best way to prevent a war."
—Serenade, trying to explain her actions to Count Waltz

Kindhearted and gentle as she may be, she's not fragile or sheltered. She can handle herself well in a situation. As a spy for Forte, she is capable of duplicity, but nevertheless seems to believe that her actions are in the best interests of both Forte and Baroque. When Crescendo decides to visit Forte to talk with Count Waltz in person, she decides to come with him, feeling in part responsible for the conflict between the two countries and believing herself to be the one who could possibly save his life.

Fighting StyleEdit

See also: List of Staves.
"I've given the matter a great deal of thought. This... may be considered... my answer!"
—Serenade using her Verbum: Expello Special Attack
Serenade's Special Attacks

Serenade's Special Attacks

Video of Serenade's Special Attacks

Like her fiancée, Crescendo, Serenade is only a playable character in the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata. She temporarily joins the party for the events of the Lament sequence and later permanently joins for the rest of the game following the battle with Count Waltz and Calamity Wilhm. Serenade fights with staves and, like Crescendo, is not able to build up many combos through her normal attacks. Her Verbum Special Attacks on the other hand, are extremely powerful, allowing her to strike from a great distance for multiple hits of potentially massive damage. She also possesses a healing skill, L'energie du Vent, that heals everyone including herself and rivals the power of Polka's Blossom Shower. In particular, her Throne of Thorns has amazing damage potential and can pierce through the enemy's guard stances in addition to hitting a fairly wide area around the primary target. The power of her Special Attacks, perhaps more than the other characters', seem to be tied directly to the number of Echoes built, with those used with no Echoes or a low Echo count having little to no effect, while those launched at 24 or 32 Echoes result in devastating numbers. The only main disadvantage of her Specials is that those other than Throne of Thorns cannot hit multiple targets. Serenade's HP is similar to Polka's at comparable levels, but her defense is second only to Crescendo, with her exclusive Noble White robe adding a further 160 points to it. Additionally, Serenade carries the highest Speed stat of any character in the game and the Noble White increases it by a further 20%, generally guaranteeing her the first strike and often more than one turn in a row against weaker opponents.

Special AttacksEdit

Attack Name Japanese Name Type Hits Level Range Knockdown Chances Time Description
Verbum: Celebrus ワード・セラブレイス Light 6 Default 83 Feet 4.4 Shoot out solid light clusters.
L'energie du Vent レナージ・ドゥ・ベント Dark N/A Default Infinite N/A 3.2 Heal all party members.
Verbum: Expello ワード・イクスパルス Dark 8 35 83 Feet 4.4 Shoot out countless heat clusters.
Throne of Thorns スローン・オブ・ソーン Light 4 50 Infinite 3.3 Pierce the enemy with the earth's fury.

Battle QuotesEdit

Start BattleEdit

  • "Prince Crescendo!"
  • "Prince Crescendo..."
  • "Please let us pass!"
  • "Let me think about this." (Party is at low levels relative to opponent(s))
  • "It seems you are quite sure of yourself..." (Party is at low levels relative to opponent(s))
  • "So this is what true battle is like..." (Party is at low levels relative to opponent(s))
  • "How intolerable!" (ambushed)
  • "I must pay attention!" (ambushed)

Battle EndEdit

  • "Is everyone unharmed?"
  • "Phew, shall we go then?"
  • "Is this really the only way?"

Level UpEdit

  • (giggles)
  • "I will protect Prince Crescendo!"
  • "We appear to be making progress!"

Special AttacksEdit

Verbum: CelebrusEdit

  • "Are you quite prepared?"
  • "Your clock will soon be smoldering!"
  • "I can assure you I'm quite serious... I'm quite serious indeed. You see!"
  • "I'm quite serious indeed. You see!" (during)

L'energie du VentEdit

  • "To me thou art as though, to me thou art as lives."

Verbum: ExpelloEdit

  • "I think you had best turn tail and run!"
  • "I call upon the power of the shadows within!"
  • "I shall become the night, the night shall become my claws!"
  • "I've given the matter a great deal of thought. This...may be answer!"
  • "Sharp or unsharp, you had better run!"
  • "This...may be answer!" (during)

Throne of ThornsEdit

  • "Time to play my trump card!"
  • "Divide, collide, fall into ruins!"
  • "Enter unto the thistles and walk amongst the brambles!"
  • "The decepticons must be slain!"

Following Special AttacksEdit

  • "Excuse me!"
  • "Forgive me!"
  • "Be patient." (Verbum: Celebrus)
  • "Will you not understand?!" (Verbum: Celebrus)
  • "My resolve will never waver." (L'energie du Vent)
  • "That is enough!" (Verbum: Expello)
  • "Soulless monster!" (Verbum: Expello)
  • "Leave this place!" (Throne of Thorns)
  • "I will not be defeated!" (Throne of Thorns)
  • "So you refuse to understand?" (Throne of Thorns)

Item UsageEdit

  • "Here!"


  • "Thank you!"
  • "I must stand." (Resurrection)
  • "I...will not be defeated!" (Resurrection)


  • "Please just let us go!"
  • "We are at a disadvantage!"
  • "I hope they do not follow us!"



In music, a serenade is a musical composition or performance in someone's honor that is typically, light calm music.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • The manga adaptation states that Serenade is a "close relation" of Count Waltz, however, this is never mentioned anywhere in the game.
  • Despite Serenade and Crescendo being added permanently as playable characters in the PlayStation 3 version once the first fight with Count Waltz is completed, they have little additional dialogue or scenes associated with them and do not appear in any of the scenes shown upon defeating each of the four "mirror" bosses in the Double Reed Tower of Sand. Additionally, it is never required to participate in battle with Serenade or Crescendo, as while both join in Lament, all battles except for the final boss battle can be avoided or escaped from, and the party can be chosen freely for that battle.
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