Revolution - An Insurrection

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Revolution (Op. 10 No. 12 Étude In C Minor) is a piano piece composed by Frederic Chopin.


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"Revolution" is presented in-game during the game's second chapter, almost immediately at the beginning, just after Count Waltz asks Legato why it is that Andantino continues to fight. As the piece is played, the game presents the story of an insurrection that occurred in Chopin's home country of Poland, known as the November Uprising. While Chopin had been encouraged to leave the country because of the likelihood of rebellion, he himself knew nothing of the plans for it and planned to travel out of the country for other reasons. After doing so, he later learned of the revolution's failure and composed this piece as a means of expressing his feelings. As one who loved his homeland, the failure was a great burden, but an even greater one was that he was himself safe outside the country, one that he would never step foot in again.

Elements from this theme were later used in "Rebuilding Ourselves" (originally titled "Scrap and Build Ourselves -from Revolution-"), the battle theme played during the game's final boss battle, with Chopin. The theme retains the basic feel of the original piece, but possesses a much faster pace and adds other instruments, as well as ominous vocal chanting.

Real WorldEdit

  • The piece is often referred to as the "Revolutionary Étude" or "Étude on the Bomardment of Warsaw" and part of set known as Douze Grandes Études. This particular Étude is known for the length and repetition of its rapid passages. [1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Revolution - Sample

Listen to a sample of "Revolution"


Notes and referencesEdit

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