Nocturne - Piano and Rose

Image of a rose placed on a piano shown during the "Nocturne" sequence

Nocturne (Nocturne in E-Flat Major Op. 9 No. 2) is a piano piece composed by Frederic Chopin.


In Eternal Sonata, "Nocturne" is presented in Chapters 5, following Allegretto's visit with Polka in Tenuto Village. It is explained that Chopin composed this piece in 1830, possibly before the events of the November Uprising described earlier in the game. The game notes that it is difficult to imagine Chopin writing such a sweet melody while feeling the frustration of not being able to fight alongside his fellow countrymen. The feeling of peace may have had somethig to do with Konstacja Gladkowaska, a fellow music student whom Chopin became close with not long before he left Warsaw. It is stated that although Chopin was called the "poet of the piano," he had the same feelings in his heart as any man of his age, and he may have simply been more skilled at expressing them through the piano.

Real WorldEdit

  • Chopin actually composed a number of nocturnes, but this particular one is the second of a set of three. Though it is a sweet tune, it is also noted for its reflectiveness and melancholy. It has been featured in a number of other popular works, including Waking Life and Bad Santa.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Nocturne - Sample

Listen to a sample of "Nocturne"

  • On the game's original soundtrack, "Nocturne" is Track 9 of the third disc.
  • The tune that must be played in order to advance on the floors of the Xylophone Tower is "Nocturne."

Notes and referencesEdit

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