Serenade and Minuet

Serenade with Minuet in Crescendo's room.

"Allow me to introduce my fiancée. This is Serenade. And the little one with her is Minuet."
—Crescendo introduces the party to Serenade and Minuet.

Minuet (French subtitles/International - Menuet) is the poodle puppy of Serenade, the princess of Forte and Baroque. She has black eyes and wears a red bow.


Polka: "Oh, she's not here."
Crescendo: "But I'm sure we saw her."
— The party is led on a chase by Minuet in Lament.

Minuet is briefly seen when the party visits Crescendo and Serenade to talk with them following the ball. Crescendo introduces the party to them both and Minuet gives a yip.

Later, the party makes their way out of Baroque Castle, but Salsa runs into a large mirror. Attracted by the commotion, Serenade, Crescendo and Minuet come out to see what is happening. Minuet is amused by her reflection in the mirror and yaps at it. Salsa finds her amusing and tells her that no matter how much she barks, nothing's going to come out of the mirror. Suddenly, there is a brilliant flash of light from the mirror and it falls over, seemingly flattening her. Everyone is shocked, but when they lift up the mirror, there is nothing there. Crescendo inspects the mirror and after another flash of light, the entire party is sucked inside.

Minuet leads the party on a chase through the mirror's depths. They eventually reach the end and, after defeating a challenging boss, she leads them out of the mirror. The player is then rewarded with the "Little Dog Waltz," a piece that may have been inspired by a dog similar to Minuet.

Later, Minuet can be found in Serenade's room.


A minuet is a type of French dance for two people.[1] The name may have also been chosen as a wordplay on "minute" (as in small), as the "Little Dog Waltz," is also known as the "Minute Waltz," even though that composition was only added for the PlayStation 3 release.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the original Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, Minuet's role is extremely minimal, due to the absence of the Lament sequence. She is only briefly mentioned by Crescendo and her gender is not even mentioned. Additionally, not long after she is introduced, she jumps off the couch and runs off, exiting the scene.

Notes and referencesEdit

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