Lord of Darkness
Lord of Darkness
7090 180 (Xbox 360), 130 (PS3) 15
Location Fort Fermata
Item Drop Floral Powder, Glowing Tail
Special Attacks Dark Shrinker, Ratty Charge, Sneak Drop, Ratty Heal

The Lord of Darkness is a monster battled in Fort Fermata in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is one of two non-boss opponents within the fort.


The Lord of Darkness is first fought in groups of three in Fort Fermata. Later, two will appear alongside a single Maledictor, and then two Maledictors with a Lord of Darkness.


The Lord of Darkness has two normal physical attacks: a head butt and a stronger lash attack with its tail. It possesses three damaging Special Attacks, two of which are distance attacks. Its Ratty Charge is its melee Special Attack and is a hard-charging attack on any characters in front of it. Sneak Drop is a middle-distance drop attack that can hit more than one character if they are close together. Its most powerful Special Attack is Dark Shrinker, a middle distance attack on a single character. It can also use Ratty Heal to heal an ally in critical for 5070 HP.


Encountering a Lord of Darkness in the Field

Allegretto is back-attacked by a Lord of Darkness.

Despite its intimidating name, the Lord of Darkness is a relatively weak opponent for this stage of the game, possessing fairly low HP relative to your characters' damage dealing potential and mostly weak attacks. When encountering it in the field, it is generally fairly easy to catch it in a back attack, once the player becomes good at distinguishing it against the dark backdrop of Fort Fermata.

If using Viola, she can often take out one Lord of Darkness in a single full turn just by using her distance attacks. If using Beat, keep him at a distance and have him build up Echoes, then finish off the target using Allegretto's normal physical attacks, followed by a Special. The Lords of Darkness will often bunch up to attack a single character. If this happens, use the opportunity to attack multiple targets to quickly build up Echoes. If Viola is in the party, then have her move in close at this point to build up Echoes, rather than attacking from a distance. She can then most likely unleash a finishing Bone Crumble, as most of the battlefield is in darkness. If any healing is needed, Frederic or Polka can do it, as while there is a lot of darkness, there are also ample areas of light. If fighting these alongside Maledictors, take out the Maledictors first, as the Lords of Darkness are a relatively minor threat.

If playing on Encore Mode, you can quickly finish these with Harmony Chains, but always remain alert of the increased power of opponents. Supplement healing with items, if necessary, and definitely heal if any character ends up in critical.


Lord of Darkness Using Ratty Charge on Polka

A Lord of Darkness uses its Ratty Charge Special Attack on Polka.

  • The Lord of Darkness is the first opponent encountered in Eternal Sonata that is a palette swap of a monster encountered previously, in this case, the Florite Mouse.

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