Swords are weapons that can be only equipped by Allegretto. Many of Allegretto's swords have special properties. His Silver Star, the most powerful weapon in the game, is available only in Encore Mode and both increases his Active Time Gauge on hit and always lands critical hits, preventing the enemy from Guarding against any of his attacks.

List of Swords
Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
ハンティングナイフ Hunting Knife ATK +7 Initially equipped

Shop in Ritardando (1st visit)

30 A knife that can be used in a wide range of situations. It is small and easy to carry.
サーベル Saber ATK +12 Dropped by Bread Gang

Shop in Agogo Village

150 A single-edged sword with a large grip. Used exclusively for fighting.
太刀 Long Sword ATK +20 Dropped by Ogre Champ Used by eastern swordsmen, this sword is swung from above the head.
ポイズンブラッド Poison Blood ATK +24 Chance of poisoning the enemy Chest in Fort Fermata Used by officials for self defense. It emits a poison liquid.
ワルーンソード Walloon Sword ATK +30 Shop in Forte City 350 A sword used by mercenaries in the lowlands. The special grip provides added control.
サブイ様おしおき棒 EZI Paddle ATK +32.1 (32) Play Score Piece 7 with Granny's Girl Quena A wooden sword filled with EZI's anger for the depraved world.
ブランチソード Branch Sword ATK +38 Chest in Andantino's Secret Passage An old-style knight's sword. It is light, quick and strong. Used mainly for stabbing.
えん月刀 Crescent Blade ATK +42 Recovers 10% of HP at the beginning of turn Dropped by Tuba (2nd encounter) An eastern imperial sword. It can be very powerful in battle due to its weight.
バックソード Back Sword ATK +50 Chest in Woodblock Groves A single-edged sword used by heavy infantry. It is strapped on the back to hide it from view.
ハルストライカー Hellstriker ATK +65 Causes Burst while equipped Chest in Lento Cemetery Charmed with a spell to overcome all enemies. It has passed through the hands of three honorable men.
ジェイドファルコン Jade Falcon ATK +73 Increases movement speed in battle Shop in Ritardando (2nd visit) 1400 Can be quick as lightning in the hands of the right user.
スクラマサクス Scramasax ATK +75 Chest in Retto's hideout A sword from the northern lands; crafted in the dark ages. It is said to freeze the blood of those it touches.
ドゥームガード Doom Guard ATK +80 Shop in Baroque City (3rd visit) 1500 Stolen by Vainamoinen from the keepers of the gates to the afterlife.
クラウ・ソラス Claimh Solais ATK +86 Chest in To Coda Ruins Sword of fire and light. It always takes down its target.
イェクルスナウト Jokulsnaut ATK +110 Dropped by Count Waltz (1st encounter) Sent from the hero Grettir to his brother, Atli. It destroys the weapons of enemies.
ドラグーンブレード Dragoon Blade ATK +20 Light +47 Shop in Andante 1000 Given to aspiring dragoons by the King himself.
ニードホグの牙 Nidhogg's Fang ATK +128 Chance of poisoning the enemy Chest in Xylophone Tower The third fang of Nidhogg. It is soaked with the sap from Yggdrasil.
レクの剣 Lech Blade ATK +149 Chest in Double Reed Tower Sword that led Lech to the eagle's nest and founded a country.
ヴェルムンズ・ラスト Velmungdd's Lust ATK +160 Dropped by Count Waltz/Ruined Body Sword buried by the King Velmungdd.
サンブリンガー Sunbringer ATK +70 Light +50 (PS3) Chest on Mt. Rock

Shop in Elegy

2100 A sword that calls back the sun borrowed by Ahti.
七支刀 Seven Branched ATK +182 Chest in Mysterious Unison (Floor 8) Oriental sword that depicts a flame. It is blessed by the god of war.
冥星剣 Sheol Sword ATK +200 Recovers 10% of HP at the beginning of turn Chest in Mysterious Unison (Floor 12) Sword from another dimension that governs light and dark.
シルバスター Silver Star ATK +240 100% critical hit rate

Action gauge increases when attack hits

Play Score Piece 26 with Henpecked Phil's Dad in Forte City (Encore Mode) Sword named after the silver star that protects the goddess of the moon. The blade is said to isolate life and death.