Serenade's Victory Pose

Staves are weapons that can only be equipped by Serenade.

Staff (ロッド)
Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
プリンセスロッド Princess Staff ATK+50 Initially equipped Ornamental cane decorated with precious metals. Radiates dignity.
マーズロッド Ares Staff ATK+55 Causes Burst while equipped Chest in Lament Adorned with a crystal known as the War God's Eye. Strengthens the wielder.
アルカナワンド Arcana Wand ATK+110 Shop in Elegy 2000 A by-product of experimentation with numerology. It foretells the future with mystical powers.
セイジロッド Sage's Staff ATK+145 Chest in Noise Dunes Cane loved by a pursuer of truth. It grants wisdom to the holder.
フォースロッド Power Staff ATK+180 Chest in Mysterious Unison (Floor 2) Cane that pursues infinite possibilities. The never-ending universe that lies within man.
グロリアス Glory ATK+230 Chest in Church of EZI (Encore Mode) Cane crowned with glory. Its light will bring happiness to the world.