Polka's Victory Pose

Parasols are weapons that can only be equipped by Polka. The attack power of many of Polka's parasols was increased in Eternal Sonata's PlayStation 3 release.

List of Parasols
Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
おしゃれ傘 Cute Umbrella ATK +5 Initially equipped Very lovely umbrella.
さんぽ傘 Walking Parasol ATK +7 Chest in Heaven's Mirror Forest Very light, large umbrella. Can lift someone up if there is a strong wind.
ぬれ羽の傘 Wet Umbrella ATK +15 Chest in Agogo Forest

Shop in Agogo Village

70 Slightly large umbrella with glossy black cloth.
あぶら紙の傘 Paper Umbrella ATK + 23 (XBox 360), ATK +28 (PS3)
MAG +5 (PS3)
Chest in Fort Fermata Oriental umbrella soaked in oil to repel the rain.
こうもり傘 Bat Umbrella ATK +26 (Xbox 360), ATK +33 (PS3)
DEF +1 (PS3)
Shop in Hanon Hills

Shop in Forte City

250 Very expensive umbrella that folds in an elaborate manner.
ふち飾りの傘 Frilly Umbrella ATK +31 (Xbox 360), ATK +38 (PS3) Chest in Andantino's Secret Passage A frilled black umbrella stitched with gold thread. It shimmers in the sunlight.
ジョーナスの日傘 Jonas's Parasol ATK +41 Shop on Baroque Ship

Shop in Baroque City (1st visit)

600 An oriental umbrella that belonged to a famous traveler.
破れ雨傘 Torn Umbrella ATK +50 (Xbox 360), ATK +55 (PS3)
Darkness Body
Dropped by Dolce (1st encounter) Umbrella that rips in every storm, but does not break.
朝露の傘 Dewdrop Umbrella ATK +52 Chest in Lament An umbrella that closes at night and opens at dawn. The sparkling dew promises a beautiful day.
あさぎの日傘 Saffron Parasol ATK +53 (Xbox 360), ATK +58 (PS3)
DEF +2 (PS3)
Chest in Wah Lava Cave Pale blue umbrella.
雪白の日傘 Snow White ATK +62
Increases EXP gained for the active party by 5% (PS3)
Chest in Celesta Forest Bright white umbrella.
若葉の傘 Leaf Umbrella ATK +70 (Xbox 360), ATK +75 (PS3)
Action Gauge increases when normal attacks hit (PS3)
Shop in Baroque City(3rd visit) 1200 Custom-made umbrella dyed with very precious green dye.
桃花の傘 Blossom Parasol ATK +85 (Xbox 360), ATK +90 (PS3)
MAG +5 (PS3)
Shop on Mt. Rock 1900 Pale umbrella that opens and closes softly.
山吹の日傘 Golden Parasol ATK +102 (Xbox 360), ATK +110 (PS3) Shop in Elegy 2100 Mysterious umbrella that can warm the wind.
涙の傘 Teardrop (Xbox 360) / Teardrop Umbrella (PS3) ATK +130 (Xbox 360), ATK +140 (PS3) Chest in Double Reed Tower Umbrella of the tree nymph Eurydice who longs for her lover.
碧天の傘 Azure Umbrella ATK +173 (Xbox 360), ATK +180 (PS3)
MAG+ 5 (PS3)
Chest in Mysterious Unison (Floor 9) The heavens appear above in this beautiful umbrella. Has very high attack power.
金月の傘 Gold Moon ATK +210
Recovers 10% of HP at start of turn
Increases EXP gained for the active party by 5%
Play Score Piece 25 with Quack Ukulele (Encore Mode, Chapter 7 only) A goddess's umbrella that protects all people from ill will that falls from the heavens.