Hammer Guns are weapons that can only be equipped by Beat. The weapons are extremely good for long range, but can also be used for close-range attacks. Close-range attacks will generally do more damage, while long-range attacks are less damaging, but build up many more hits for Echoes.

List of Hammer Guns
Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
アークゥイベス Arquebus ATK +6 Initially equipped

Shop in Ritardando (1st visit)

20 Primitive hook gun. Has a gunstock to stabilize the shot.
サーペンタイン・ロック Serpentine Lock ATK +8 Chest in Agogo Forest

Shop in Agogo Village

80 Old one-handed pistol. Place the curled flint fixture to the burner.
ジェザイル Jezail ATK +15 (Xbox 360), ATK +17 (PS3) Chest in Chorus Plains Front loading rifle. Has a specialized gunstock.
ウルフズファング Wolf's Fang ATK +23 (Xbox 360), ATK +34 (PS3) Shop in Forte City 250 Gun decorated with a brutal mountain wolf's fang.
ホールージェガン Hoolurge Gun ATK +45 Shop on Baroque Ship 600 Gun equipped with a steel claw. Responsible for eliminating metal plate armors in the field of battle.
ウォーハンマーピストル Warhammer Gun ATK +53 (Xbox 360), ATK +55 (PS3) Chest in Sharp Mountains An all-purpose weapon: a sledgehammer attached to a gun.
ロハーカノン Lohar Cannon ATK +20 Dark +40 Shop in Baroque City (1st visit) 1000 Gun belonging to the warring peoples of Khyber Pass.
ハチェットマスケット Hatchet Musket ATK +58 Chance of slowing the enemy Shop in Ritardando (2nd visit) 1100 Infantry gun equipped with a hatchet for ambush. It has no gun barrel.
セイバートゥース Sabertooth ATK +63 Action Gauge increases when normal attack hits (Xbox 360), Chance of poisoning the enemy (PS3) Shop in Baroque City (2nd visit) 1200 The tooth from a giant tiger hits the enemy's weak point. The enemy will suffer greatly before dying.
フリントロックピック Flintlock Pick ATK +70 Increases critical hit rate (PS3), Chance of stopping the enemy (Xbox 360) Chest in Aria Temple

Shop in Baroque City (3rd visit)

1300 A pickaxe is attached to the gun. Very reliable weapon.
マッチロックマトック Matchlock Axe ATK +77 (Xbox 360), ATK +85 (PS3) Action gauge increases when normal attack hits (PS3) Chest in To Coda Ruins Gun belonging to a rebel army fighting against the royal family. The emblem has been shaved off.
マグナムアーム Magnum Arm ATK +91 (Xbox 360), ATK +95 (PS3) Absorbs 10% of inflicted as damage as HP (Xbox 360) Merchant on Mt. Rock, Shop in Elegy of the Moon 1900 Weapon used by wild animal hunters. A thick weapon that is able to handle powerful gunpowder.
ケロベロススケイナイン Cerberus Canine ATK +138 Increases Speed by 10% Chest in Double Reed Tower Weapon belonging to a royal family and feared as the fire of hell.
ナグルファング Nagul Fang ATK +170 Increases Speed by 10% Chest in Mysterious Unison (Basement Level 5) Weapon that holds the spirit of Nagul. It is said to lead the wielder to the correct path.
ヘルズカノン Hell's Cannon ATK +200 Action gauge increases when normal attack hits Chest in Church of EZI The muzzles emits tremendous heat that can burn all, and leads to the mouth of hell.