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A set of Achievements, showing in XBox 360

List of Xbox 360 Achievements in Eternal Sonata. The PlayStation 3 version fails to utilize the Trophy system and does not connect to the PlayStation Network, unlike the Xbox 360 release, which connects to Xbox Live and includes downloadable content.

Xbox 360 Achievements[]

  • Raindrops
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 1 Raindrops has been completed.
  • Revolution
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 2 Revolution has been completed.
  • Fantaisie-Impromptu
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 3 Fantaisie-Impromptu has been completed.
  • Grande Valse Brilliante
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 4 Grande Valse Brilliante has been completed.
  • Nocturne
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 5 Nocturne has been completed.
  • Tristesse
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 6 Tristesse has been completed.
  • Heroic
10 Gamerscore
Chapter 7 Heroic has been completed.
  • Heaven's Mirror
10 Gamerscore
Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed.
  • Grand Finale
70 Gamerscore
Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed with all characters remaining.
  • Unlocked Party Level 2
10 Gamerscore
Party Level 2 can now be selected.
  • Unlocked Party Level 3
10 Gamerscore
Party Level 3 can now be selected.
  • Unlocked Party Level 4
10 Gamerscore
Party Level 4 can now be selected.
  • Unlocked Party Level 5
10 Gamerscore
Party Level 5 can now be selected.
  • Unlocked Party Level 6
20 Gamerscore
Party Level 6 can now be selected.
  • Hero's Gate
30 Gamerscore
The Hero's Gate has been opened.
  • Rondo's Return
50 Gamerscore
Rondo has been defeated in Unison.
  • Claves's Resurrection
50 Gamerscore
Unison has been completed and Claves has been resurrected.
  • Soul Released
79 Gamerscore
The soul of Chord, the first mineral powder test subject, has been released.
  • Xylophone's Treasure
80 Gamerscore
The hidden treasure in the secret room on the top floor of Xylophone Tower has been acquired.
  • Pirates' Treasure
80 Gamerscore
The mystery behind the the pirates' treasure has been solved and the treasure has been acquired.
  • Score Piece Collector
100 Gamerscore
All the score pieces scattered throughout the world have been collected.
  • EZI Worshipper
321 Gamerscore
All the items related to EZI have been collected.

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