Blocked by Fog

Colored fog blocks paths in Lento Cemetery

Older Brother: "But it's not easy to get to the Simile Spring. See? With that fog there, the way to the spring is blocked."
Allegretto: "What? By that fog?"
Older Brother: "My father says it's something called the Goblin's Grudge, but I don't really know what that means."
— Allegretto learns about the fog that blocks paths in Lento Cemetery.

Lento Cemetery is a cemetery located east of Andante in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is presumably where the deceased of Andantino are buried, although whether or not this extends to the rest of Forte and Baroque is unknown. It is indicated, however, that Andantino had only moved there relatively recently, and the cemetery likely has a much longer history. The Simile Spring can be found in the center of the cemetery.

The Cemetery is made with paths that are blocked by various colors of fog called the Goblin's Grudge.


Exploring Lento Cemetery

Exploring Lento Cemetery

An exploration of Lento Cemetery (PS3, HD)

While visiting Andante, Allegretto, Falsetto and Viola visit the home of a family and discover that a little girl has picked a Simile flower, a rare type of flower that only grows in the area. The flower is wilting because it needs water from the fountain at Simile Spring, but the path to it is within the Lento Cemetery, a creepy cemetery filled with monsters and twisted paths blocked by fog that can only be dispersed by lighting candles.

The party agrees to help to traveling to the spring and obtaining the water. They visit the cemetery and navigate the paths, obtaining flames along the way to clear the fog. They eventually reach the spring and battle the battle the boss of the cemetery, Death Crow, in order to obtain the Simile water. They emerge victorious, but Allegretto and Viola express regret, as they did just sort of barge in, and the monster was only guarding the spring. Falsetto assuages their fears, stating that since the monster is a spirit, it'll be back.



Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Chivalry Armor and Hellstriker are both hidden in optional areas of the Lento Cemetery. The Chivalry Armor provides a slight defense upgrade for Allegretto at that point in the game, but can be skipped if the player would rather not bother with going out of the way for only a small increase to defense. The Hellstriker, on the other hand, is Allegretto's permanent Burst weapon and the first weapon of this type to be found in the game. This status doubles attack power while halving defense and is generally recommended, as the great damage-dealing potential it allows can easily overwhelm opponents.


In music, "lento" is a tempo marking that indicates that the music should be played slowly, at 40-60 beats per minute.[1]

Musical themeEdit

Who Wants to Die - Sample

Listen to sample of "Who Wants to Die," the theme of Lento Cemetery

"Who Wants to Die" is the musical theme for the Lento Cemetery. This is Track 17 of the second disc of the game's original score.



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