L'Opera Knight
L'Opera Knight
1900 60 (Xbox 360), 50 (PS3) 5
Location Heaven's Mirror Forest, Agogo Forest
Item Drop Angel Trumpet, Peach Cookie
Special Attacks L'Opera Breath, L'Opera Drill, L'Opera Tornado

The L'Opera Knight is the only non-boss enemy battled in the Heaven's Mirror Forest in the World of Eternal Sonata and also makes an appearance in the Agogo Forest. It is the first of a few "L'Opera" opponents in Eternal Sonata.


The L'Opera Knight can first be battled as a lone opponent in the opening area of Heaven's Mirror Forest. It later appears in groups of two and then three.


The L'Opera Knight has a weak physical attack, but also often makes use of a selection of Special Attacks. Its L'Opera Drill is a drop attack from above that hits all characters around it. It will also use L'Opera Tornado, a spinning two-hit attack. Finally, it can use L'Opera Breath to attack from a distance.


The L'Opera Knight is an early opponent and not very powerful, but repeated attacks from it can still wear Frederic and Polka down, particularly if the player is not yet used to Guarding. Have Frederic attack repeatedly, followed up by a Piu Grave at the end. Polka can also hit a number of times at close range followed by a Shade Comet, or you might chose to have her simply attack from a distance - she can use Shade Comet three times in one full turn. Once both characters are leveled up a bit, they should be able to easily defeat these opponents before they can even get a turn without Special Attacks, especially if they catch them in a back attack. If there is only left on the screen at critical HP, use this as a breather to spend some time using Frederic and Polkas' healing skills if they need healing.

In Encore Mode, these opponents pack a somewhat stronger punch. Consider leveling both Frederic and Polka to Level 2 or 3 with the lone opponents in the first area before moving onwards, and set the Party Level to two to take advantage of the ability to build up Echoes while still having five seconds per turn.


Frederic and Polka Battling L'Opera Knights

Frederic and Polka battling two L'Opera Knights in Heaven's Mirror Forest

  • The boss Ogre Champ is accompanied by two L'Opera Knights.

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