Woman Performing Heaven's Mirror

Delfina Potocka performing "Heaven's Mirror"

Heaven's Mirror (Japanese: Kyotenka 鏡天花) is a song written by Hiroya Hatsushiba (original lyrics) and Andrea Mardegan (Italian lyrics), composed by Motoi Sakuraba and performed by Akiko Shinada. The song is featured just before and during Eternal Sonata's second set of closing credits.

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In game, the song takes the form of a tune composed by the main character Frederic Chopin. Following his death, his spirit form (as presented in his dream throughout the game) rises from his body and walks to a piano in the room and begins to play this tune on the piano. The younger woman seen throughout the game in the scenes in this room, Chopin's student Delfina Potocka, appears to hear the music and begins to sing along in the form of an Italian operetta. As the song continues, the room dissolves away to show Chopin playing the piano as the field in the Heaven's Mirror Forest is in bloom. The song continues with more instruments joining in, as the vocals come to an end.



Ichijin no kaze mou yami odosekai
kokuu e to tabidatsu tamashii yo...
Nagare yuku saki no chi wa touen no hate
tada hitotsu inori ga tsuujiru kana inochi wo hibiku...
Amaku hikari saite kono ni shinjiru
ikure ni mo tsunagaru hanazashi yo
Odaya ka na senritsu wa kioku no hate
tada hitotsu negai ga kanau no kana nochi o kakete kuru
Baratsuji no koui
ukabu tsuki
kesu kistuzumu
kyouten no hana
Kobore ni do sashikomu babayuri sekai
heiwa e no kabe utsu tamashii yo....


A gale dances across the world in night,
as my soul journeys in to nothingness
Before I die in a garden, I understood my prayers and my life resounded
A faint light bloomed, and I believed
They kept connecting, a tame melody that was the result of my memories
my wishes became reality as my soul ran about
Dust waltzed,
the moon floated,
miracles were hidden,
and heaven's mirror
Sunlight filters through trees, the light, a gorgeous world as harmony
rang in my soul...


Una raffica di vento nel mondo della notte e il tuo spirito partì in viaggio verso il puro lì dove ogni cosa è il paradiso se una sol preghiera arriverà risveglia la vita

Fiorisce la luce crediamoci insieme gli sguardi si alzano uno dopo laltro la placida melodia che tocca le memorie se un sol desiderio si avvererà canta la vita.

La polvere danza la luna leggera è arrivato il miracolo fiore dello specchio blu.

In braccio tra le foglie nel mondo della luce e tu suoni la campana per la pace.


A gust in the world of night and your spirit went on a voyage towards purity there where everything is heaven if just one prayer will arrive it will awake life.

Light blooms let's believe in it together looks raise one by one the placid melody that touches memories if just one wish will be true life will sing.

Dust dances, light moon the miracle is here flower of the blue mirror.

Embraced by leaves in the world of light and you play the bell for peace.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The English title of the song references the flower that is used to symbolize the character of Polka.
  • Heaven's Mirror is also used as the title of the game's final chapter. Each of the chapters of the game is titled after a piece composed by Chopin, including this final one, as presented by the story.
  • The song was presented in Japanese in the original version of the game and was also released in Japanese as the second-to-last track of the game's original soundtrack. It was changed to an Italian operetta in the international versions, including the U.S. English-language release.
  • In real life, the Duchess Marcelina Czartoryska was present at Chopin's deathbed with Ludwika Jedrzejewiczowa, rather than Delfina Potocka. Delfina's name appears in the closing credits of the original Japanese version of the game. Her presence in these scenes is apparently a poetic license on the part of Eternal Sonata's creators.
  • While in-game, Chopin is shown to play the piano music for the tune, and Potocka performs the song, it is unclear where the other instruments originate from, though as the credits are rolling when they appear, it could be considered that the song is no longer being presented "in-universe".
Heaven's Mirror - Sample (Japanese)

Heaven's Mirror in Japanese sample

Heaven's Mirror - Sample (Italian)

Heaven's Mirror in Italian sample


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