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The field of Heaven's Mirror in bloom.

"The sun brings light, but the dark brings death. And these flowers bloom in darkness. So, darkness is evil, light is good. Whether you want to call them Heaven's Mirror or Death Lights, Frederic, that's up to you. But, I guess these days pretty much everyone has taken to calling them Death Lights."
—Polka in the Heaven's Mirror Forest

Heaven's Mirror, also known as Death Lights, is a type of flower known to grow in only one place within the World of Eternal Sonata: the flower field in Heaven's Mirror Forest, just past Tenuto Village. The flowers have the unique property that rather than blooming during the daytime, they absorb sunlight during the day and then bloom at exactly 2 AM releasing the light they had absorbed.

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"Do you remember? You said it was up to me whether I wanted to call them Heaven's Mirror or Death Lights. I'm still allowed to choose, am I not? Well then, I shall make my definitive choice right now. That flower that so resembles you. That flower that boldly challenges the darkness. I choose to call it-- Heaven's Mirror!"
—Frederic Chopin in the game's ending

The flowers are intended to be symbolic of Polka, who is considered a bad omen to many due to their mistaken belief that the illness she suffers from is contagious. When she meets with Frederic Chopin, she explains this to him and seems troubled. She gives him a choice to call them Heaven's Mirror or Death Lights. By the end of the game, Chopin comes to appreciate the flowers as being symbolic of Polka for a different reason - the fact that her astra shines brightly in darkness and she is willing to challenge her fate. He decides to call them "Heaven's Mirror".


Behind the scenes[]

  • The flower Heaven's Mirror lends its name to the Heaven's Mirror Forest found past Tenuto Village. It is also the name of the game's final Chapter, as well as the English title of the song featured during the game's second set of closing credits.
  • Heaven's Mirrors bloom at exactly 2 AM, which is also the time Chopin is pronounced dead in the ending.