Moocher in Forte City

Moocher in Forte City asking Allegretto for 100 Gold

Moocher: "You know, if I can't get a drink I turn into a wolf. So, come on, give me 100 Gold."
Shopkeeper: "I told you before, I'm not giving you a cent!"
Moocher: "It won't be pretty if I turn into a wolf! I might go nuts and trash this whole town!"
Shopkeeper: "Go right ahead! I need money more than I need this town anyway!"
— Exchange between a moocher and a shopkeeper in Forte City

Gold is the currency used in the World of Eternal Sonata and the only means of purchasing items at shops. All monsters drop a certain amount of gold, and Photos taken by Beat can be sold for Gold, with Rank A photos fetching a premium often greatly exceeding the amount of Gold generally dropped by monsters. Gold may also be obtained by selling unneeded items and equipment at shops. Small amounts of Gold may also be found occasionally as treasure.

Gold is only mentioned once in the game's actual script. In Forte City, the party encounters a moocher who states that he turns into a wolf if he can't get a drink and asks for 100 Gold to go drinking. Once the player has given him 100 Gold, they are able to access the shop he was previously blocking and continue the quest to search for Phil.

At any given time, the player may only carry a maximum of 99,999,999 Gold, a seemingly practically impossible amount to attain, as even the best Photos taken by Beat only grant a few thousand Gold per shot. In the lower levels of the optional Mysterious Unison dungeon, however, the player will encounter enemies that drop millions of gold after each battle. This Gold will be required to purchase one of Claves's Soul Shards from Mute, who asks for 99,999,999 Gold for it. After purchasing this, the player can return and battle these enemies for as much Gold as they want, though this serves little purpose except on Encore Mode, as items and Gold are not carried from playthrough to playthrough. Even in an Encore Mode playthrough, this is only particularly useful in the PlayStation 3 version, where the extra Gold can be used to purchase a massive selection of healing items for the Church of EZI dungeon.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, Gold is typically referred to by the abbreviation "G," which is only used in the PlayStation 3 release in the screen for selling Photos.