Glissando Cliffs

"Stay away from the cliff! It's dangerous!"
—Man working to build a railing at the cliff's edge in Forte city

The Glissando Cliffs are a mountainous area to the west of Forte City in the World of Eternal Sonata. Many people have been known to fall from the cliffs, and officials from Forte City have built a railing to prevent any more accidents.


"I really have to get going! I don't want to get killed by my Mom right after having my life saved."
—Phil to the party after they find him at the bottom of the cliff.

Allegretto, Beat, Polka, Frederic and Viola arrive in Forte City as the sun is setting and realize that the day's audiences with Count Waltz must be over. They seek an inn for the night, but when they enter the inn, they are presented with an urgent request by a little girl named Koto.

Phil, the son of the inn's owners, has gone missing. Koto begs the party to find him, as he'll be killed by his mother if he gets home late. Allegretto thinks she's being overly dramatic, but she insists that Phil's mother is very scary when angry, so the party agrees to go look for Phil. They speak with some locals and eventually determine that Phil, a notorious prankster, fled towards the edge of the Glissando Cliffs, which we may have fallen from.

The party obtains permission from the people working on the fence to protect people from falling off the edge and descends the cliffs. They find Phil shaken but unharmed at the bottom of the cliffs and return him to the inn.

Score Piece ParticipantEdit

  • Wiseman Maracas
Score 23 for Rank B - Tailored Clothes
Score 5 for Rank A - EZI Certificate


  • Bubble Straw (Xbox 360) / Club Clover (PS3)
  • Hell Mustard
  • Silver Necklace
  • Reed Bow
  • Speed Shoes
  • Floral Powder (PS3)
  • Spirit Arrowhead
  • Larkspur Robe
  • Star Clock (Examine tree trunk at the bottom of Area 4 only after spending night at inn)


Behind the scenesEdit

If the player returns to the bottom of the cliffs after visiting the inn and examines the tree trunk, they will receive the first of three messages from an individual called "Elder Chapper" and a Star Clock item, which recovers one turn of the Action Gauge. This item is nothing particularly special, but this is by far the earliest point in the game at which one can be obtained. If the area is visited before resting at the inn, the option to examine the tree trunk will not be presented.

Musical themeEdit

Take a Stand - Sample

Listen to sample of "Take a Stand," the theme of the Glissando Cliffs

"Take a Stand" is the musical theme for the Sharp Glissando Cliffs. This is Track 8 of the second disc of the game's original score and is also later used for the Sharp Mountains.



A full and concise walkthrough of this area can be found at


In music, a glissando is a glide from one pitch to another.[1]

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