Forte City Intro Screen

Intro screen for Forte City

"'Thieves, pick pockets and other evildoers will be shot first and asked questions later.' Yikes! Better mind our manners in this town."
—Allegretto reads a sign in the city.

Forte City is a grand, very urbane city and the capital of Forte, found following Hanon Hills. The city features a tavern, a shop, an inn and a few houses, with a huge castle at the edge of town. There is a path here to Glissando Cliffs and a couple of individuals are working hard to erect a fence to prevent people from falling off the edge into the cliffs.

The party visits here seeking an audience with Count Waltz, but ends up getting tossed in a dungeon for their efforts.


  • Tuba (After rescuing Phil and staying at the Inn.)

Item ShopEdit

  • Walloon Sword: 350G
  • Bat Umbrella: 250G
  • Wolf's Fang: 250G
  • Oak Barrel: 280G
  • Rapid Fire: 280G
  • Full Plate: 450G
  • Pair Jacket: 190G
  • Fancy Clothes: 200G
  • Tailored Clothes: 300G
  • Coachman's Coat: 300G
  • Angel Trumpet: 200G
  • Club Clover: 150G
  • Glowing Tail: 50G
  • Shadow Tail: 50G
  • Bubble Straw: 50G
  • Hell Mustard: 300G
  • Twilight Feather: 50G
  • Dawn Feather: 50G
  • Fallen Feather: 50G
  • Pure Feather: 50G
  • Chance Feather: 50G
  • Poison Whitecap: 100G

The InnEdit

The Inn is located all the way to the east in Forte City. The first visit triggers an event to go find a boy, Phil, who has fallen off the Glissando Cliffs. After Phil is rescued, you can stay the night and heal your party.

Behind the scenesEdit

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