Salsa in Legato's Office

Banners with Forte's crest can be seen in Legato's office

Forte is a large region in the World of Eternal Sonata. Throughout its history, it has been traditionally ruled by nobility in the form of either a lord or a count, though it was at least once ruled by a king.

Throughout most of Eternal Sonata, Forte's ruler is Count Waltz, a tyrant who is scheming to gain dominion over the territory of Baroque and eventually the entire world. Following Waltz's defeat, its leadership, if any, is unknown.

Forte has traditionally had a contentious relationship with Baroque and had direct conflict with it at least once in the past, with the result being a temporary victory for Baroque. The leader at that time was Lord Forte, who desired Baroque's lands and power.

The dangerous drug mineral powder has been distributed in the region of Forte, under the guise of a miracle cure-all, as a means of enslaving the populace. As the only item that can be sold legally without taxes, it has almost entirely replaced all other forms of medicine.

The splinter group Andantino and the city of Andante have formed as a direct resistance to Forte.

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