Florite Mouse
Florite Mouse
1690 25 (Xbox 360), 22 (PS3) 4
Location Ritardando Sewers, Agogo Forest
Item Drop Glowing Tail, Peach Cookie
Special Attacks Air Shrinker, Ratty Charge, Sewer Drop, Ratty Heal

The Florite Mouse is the only non-boss enemy battled in the Ritardando Sewers in the World of Eternal Sonata and also makes an appearance in the Agogo Forest. It is the second type of enemy encountered in Eternal Sonata and the second weakest.


The Florite Mouse is first fought in a tutorial battle by Allegretto and Beat near the entrance to the Ritardando Sewers. Following this battle, they appear in groups of two and later three. They always appear in groups of three in Agogo Forest. They are under a continuous Shining Body status, meaning that any character attacking them at close range will always use light Special Attacks.


The Florite Mouse mostly uses a weak physical attack, but occasionally uses its Ratty Charge Special Attack to hit slightly harder. It can also use its Ratty Heal to heal allies in critical status for 530 HP. If at a distance, it may use its Sewer Drop to attack all characters within range, but most of the time it will close in to attack at close range, rather than attacking from a distance. Finally, it has a another distance attack one called Air Shrinker, though it seems to use it but rarely and possibly only on Encore Mode.


The Florite Mouse presents little threat to the combined party of Allegretto and Beat. Even at Level 1, Allegretto can defeat one in a a single full turn with a series of normal attacks followed by a Sun Slash. Alternatively, he can stand in the shadows and hit a group of two or three with a couple of Phantom Waves. Beat is best used against these shooting multiple times at a distance in the darkness, followed up with a Rapid Shooter. After gaining just a couple levels, Allegretto and Beat can easily defeat these opponents before they get much a chance to attack, if any at all should Allegretto and Beat catch them in a back attack, which is not challenging.


Beat and Allegretto Battling Two Florite Mice

Allegretto and Beat, battling two Florite Mice in the Ritardando Sewers

  • Despite its name stating that it is a mouse, the names of these creatures' Special Attacks suggest that they are rats, and Allegretto also refers to them as rats.
  • The boss Bread Gang is accompanied by two Florite Mice, as is the Baby Dragon.

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