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Eternal Sonata (トラスティベル 〜ショパンの夢) is a JRPG video game for PS3 and XBOX released in 2007 in Japan and 2008 in North America. It is rated T for 13 and up due to mild alcohol refernces, language, and violence. The game revolves around a dying Frederic Chopin in his golden era. He appears to be in a coma, but is conscious in a music-oriented dream world that he seems to have created.

Main Characters
Dolce Battle-Start Pose

Captain Dolce posing at the start of battle.

Captain Dolce is a recurring boss in Eternal Sonata, head of a group of three pirates styling themselves as the Invincible Dolce Gang. As a boss, she first appears to trouble the party on-board on her own pirate ship, the Pirate Ship Dolce. She moves swiftly, hits with a number of powerful attacks, and is especially troublesome in tandem with her two allies, the 1st Lieutenant (Bass) and 2nd Lieutenant (Guitar). She can be fought a total of two more times in a normal playthrough, and an additional time in Encore Mode. The third and fourth battles provide some of the best accessory rewards in the game. Read more...

Did you Know? - Best Of
  • That the battle theme used for the final boss fight is a remix of Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude"?
  • That the boss Tracer has a Special Attack that shares its name with one of Falsetto's - Willow Strike?
  • That the song "Heaven's Mirror" was presented in Japanese in the original Japanese version, but was changed to an Italian operetta for the international releases?
  • That the Hanon Hills were named after a real-life piano pedagogue, rather than a musical term?
  • That in the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata, Serenade has the highest speed stat of any character, and her exclusive armor Noble White increases it by a further 20%?


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About Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata is an RPG, developed by tri-Crescendo. The game is about the final hours of legendary Polish composer Frédéric François Chopin. The story envisions a fictional world dreamed by Chopin during his last hours that is influenced by Chopin's life and music, and in which he himself is a playable character, among others.

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"Your astra is glowing. But it's glowing far too brightly for this world. It's glowing so brightly that it is unconsciously leading you toward a deep darkness. One that must be illuminated. And someday, the moment will arrive when a sea of unending darkness will lie waiting before you. Oh, how I wish you weren't the only person who could bring light to that deep, dark abyss."

Solfege, telling Polka about astras
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