Eternal Green
Eternal Green
12590 280 (Xbox 360), 260 (PS3) 17
Location Hanon Hills
Item Drop Shadow Tail
Special Attacks Cabriole, Feather Burst, Ride of Six Hundred, Encourage

The Eternal Green is a monster battled exclusively on the Hanon Hills in the World of Eternal Sonata, the second of three "goat" opponents found within the game. It is under a continuous Shining Body status, meaning that any character that moves directly next to it to attack it will use light Special Attacks.


The Eternal Green is battled in groups of two in the first area of Hanon Hills. It later appears in groups of three and also sometimes alongside one or two Earth Shaker/Dark Bat opponents. There is also a mandatory battle with one and two Earth Shakers in the midway point of Hanon Hills as a back attack, in order to save a merchant and his horse.


The Eternal Green's normal physical attacks are a head butt and two kicks with its front hooves. It can use Feather Burst as a distance drop attack on multiple targets within range. Its Ride of Six Hundred is a charging, piercing attack. Cabriole is a melee attack where it turns around and kicks a single target with its back hooves. Finally, it can use Encourage to heal an ally for 7000.


Encountering an Eternal Green in the Field

Allegretto encounters an Eternal Green on the Hanon Hills.

Its HP is quite low for this stage of the game, and the only attack that is really troublesome is Ride of Six Hundred. Viola's arrow attacks finished with a Sacred Strike can defeat or nearly defeat one in a single turn. Otherwise, just build up Echoes and unleash a powerful Special Attack. If you see that it's going to use Feather Burst from a distance, be ready with Guard, as this attack is easily Guarded against. If it is accompanied by any Earth Shakers or Dark Bats, deal with those first unless you're sure you can finish it in one turn.

If playing in Encore Mode, be wary of the power of Ride of Six Hundred, especially if three gang up on one character. Keep healing skills at the ready, but otherwise use the same basic strategy.


Frederic, Polka and Viola Battling Eternal Greens

Frederic, Polka and Viola in battle with Eternal Greens

  • Many of the Eternal Green encounters on the Hanon Hills are easily evaded, but others are almost mandatory due to the positioning of the opponent on the field. If it appears it would be difficult to evade the opponent, simply face it head-on rather than trying to move past it and ended up in a dangerous back-attacked situation instead.

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