Dark Bat
Dark Bat
8780 (Xbox 360), 15300 (PS3, approximate) 235 (Xbox 360), 320 (PS3) 10
Location Hanon Hills
Item Drop Club Clover, Odd Chocolate
Special Attacks Constant Shadow, Flutter, Sonic Wave, Tail Dive, Tumble Down

The Dark Bat is a monster battled exclusively on the Hanon Hills in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the dark form of Earth Shaker and the first of three bat-type opponents in Eternal Sonata.


The Earth Shaker initially appears on the Chorus Plains, but can only assume the form of the Dark Bat in the Hanon Hills. The Dark Bat is never encountered roaming in the field and only appears in battle if the Earth Shaker ends up in darkness.


The Dark Bat's normal physical attacks are either an echolocation blast or a head butt. It has a set of four damaging Special Attacks. It will sometimes use Flutter from a distance, a piercing attack that hits multiple targets and has a chance of knockdown. Tail Dive is a diving melee attack on one. Constant Shadow is a melee attack on one that will place a character in Darkness Body status if not Guarded against. Finally, its Sonic Wave hits all targets in range and can cause Slow. It can use Tumble Down to heal an ally in critical for 9600 HP.


Allegretto, Frederic and Viola Battling a Dark Bat

Allegretto, Frederic and Viola in battle with a Dark Bat

The Dark Bat is challenging opponent, being the first that can cause Slow status and employing quite strong attacks. A good choice is to simply use a lot of Special Attacks against it rather than trying to build up Echoes - it should fall fairly quickly using this method. Keep your characters close together to keep it from moving around too much, especially if a character is inflicted with Slow. One positive is that it seems to have a Speed stat that it is comparatively slow to that of the Earth Shaker, so your characters may be able to get more than one turn against it.

This is one to watch out for in Encore Mode, as all of its attacks are highly damaging and weaker characters might not be able to hurt it at all with their normal attacks. Try to lure it to the light in order to change it into the less challenging Earth Shaker and if a character has Darkness Body, simply keep them away from the target, as moving them close will cause it to morph into a Dark Bat if it is an Earth Shaker at the time.


Dark Bat Using Sonic Wave

A Dark Bat using Sonic Wave on Allegretto

  • In the PlayStation 3 version, there is a shadow of darkness that begins expanding over the main battlefield the moment the battle begins. No such shadow exists in the Xbox 360 version, so many players will never encounter this opponent, since the Earth Shaker opponents are always initially positioned well within the large light area of the battlefield.

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