Party Level Increase Description

Party Level increase screen explaining that Counterattack is now available

Counterattack is a gameplay feature in Eternal Sonata found in battle that allows one to completely avoid the damage from an enemy's attack and gain a period of additional time to attack. Unlike Guard, Counterattack is only offered to the player characters, and not to opponents.


Counterattack is offered beginning at Party Level 4. As with Guard, the Counterattack option is offered to the player when the enemy attacks, so long as they do not attack from behind. Unlike Guard, however, the option to Counterattack is only sometimes offered and is offered less often with certain opponents than others. Furthermore, the Counterattack option is only offered for the first move an enemy makes within a turn, so if the player misses the opportunity to use it or Guards instead, then it will not be offered again in that turn. To Counterattack, the player must press the normal attack button ("X" by default in the PlayStation 3 version, "A" by default in Xbox 360) when the Counter option is presented. The window offered for this is generally less than that for Guard. If the player is not skilled at Countering, then they should simply Guard instead, which can still be done by pressing the normal Guard button. This is generally recommended for inexperienced players, as failing to either Guard or Counterattack when this option is offered counts as normal failure to Guard and will result in the character or characters in range taking the full brunt of the enemy attack.

If Counterattack is successful, the enemy will appear to stagger and their attack will fail. The character that executed the Counterattack is immediately granted two seconds of time on the Action Gauge to attack, regardless of which character was slated to take the next turn in battle. This can easily take the player off-guard if they react instinctively and don't recognize immediately which character they are controlling. No Tactical Time is granted. Beginning at Party Level 5, Special Attacks may be used during a Counterattack. This time may also be used to escape from battle, but as always, the characters must be running during the entire time on the Action Gauge.

The status effect Passive, inflicted by certain enemies and equipment, prevents a character from using Counterattack. It is depicted by the character emitting a blue light and can be healed using the item Heroic Feather, and prevented by the accessory Ruby Bracelet, obtained by playing Score Piece 22 (found at the Cello Tree) with Impatient Pizzicato in Baroque Castle for Rank A.

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