Cabasa Bridge from Below

Cabasa Bridge, shown from below

"You have to cross the Cabasa Bridge... if you want to get to Forte Castle from Ritardando."

The Cabasa Bridge was a large wooden bridge in Forte territory stretched over the Fusion River, connecting the Chorus Plains to Fort Fermata. At the end of the second chapter of Eternal Sonata, it was destroyed.

Tuba Uses Gigantic Slam

Battle with Tuba on the Cabasa Bridge


"I'm glad you people like babbling so much. It made finding all of you here very easy."
—Tuba confronts the party at the bridge.

The party, at the time consisting of Frederic, Polka, Allegretto, Beat and Viola cross the bridge in order to continue their journey to Forte City. Viola mentions that it's the first time she's ever crossed it, as she doesn't usually take her goats this far to graze. Polka mentions that they should be careful in crossing, while Beat gets scared at crossing such a narrow bridge.

After the party escapes from being held prisoner in the dungeon of Forte Castle and meets up with Jazz, Falsetto and Claves of Andantino, the group decides to head back to Viola's house to talk, via Fort Fermata and the Cabasa Bridge. Waiting at the Cabasa Bridge, however, is Tuba, who had battled the party earlier before tossing them in the dungeon. He again loses to the party and, angry at defeat, decides to try to take the party with him by using his massive mace to smash the bridge. He is sent to his death, but the party only falls into the river and manages through both luck and skill to escape unscathed.


  • A cabasa is a type of percussion instrument made with steel ball chain wrapped around a wide cylinder. It is often used in Latin jazz music, particularly bossa nova.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Frederic Small
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  • In the original Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, when the party first visits the bridge, the initial scene ends immediately after Beat states that he's going to wet himself. In the PlayStation 3 version, Allegretto offers him encouragement, then tells Polka to hold his hand so she'll be safe if she slips. Sensing romance in the air, Viola calls him "quite the gentleman," but Allegretto denies any such intentions.
  • If playing on Encore Mode, if the player again travels to Fort Fermata and enters the Cabasa Bridge area from there, they will find a man who is a paricipant in the Score Piece sidequest. The man is disappointed that he came all that way to see the bridge, only to find it destroyed, but agrees to play music with the party anyway.
  • In the manga adaptation of Eternal Sonata, it is simply stated that the Cabasa Bridge collapsed. As such, the party joins Jazz on a boat to Baroque.

Notes and referencesEdit

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