Beat, Frederic and Polka on Baroque Ship

Beat, Frederic and Polka on the Baroque Ship

"If we hadn't been picked up by that Baroque Ship, I don't know what would have happened."
—Polka reminisces about her and the others' rescue by the ship.

The Baroque Ship is an elegant, festively decorated ship owned and operated by Captain Crescendo of Baroque. Polka, Beat, Frederic and Salsa are rescued by this ship after being knocked into the Fusion River by Tuba.


"...compared to when I first came to this world..., when I look around, I feel as if everything in the world is becoming more vivid. More clear. Could this be the proof I sought? Is this world, which must be a dream, somehow becoming more real? Or does it only prove that I, myself, am slipping away?"
—Frederic discusses his idea that his dream-world is becoming more real.
Frederic Discusses Emilia

Frederic, speaking about Emilia with Polka

At the beginning of Chapter 4, Polka and Beat look back at what happened following their being knocked into the river. The party was requested by Crescendo of the Baroque Ship, and then talked with him in his cabin, where they asked if there was anything they could do to thank him. He said that it was nothing, and suggested that they get some rest. Salsa questioned whether he was really a captain, noting his lack of an eyepatch and a hook, and Beat apologized for her rudeness.

The party got some rest as suggested and after waking up, Polka got up and explored the ship. On deck, she found Frederic, and they had a conversation in which Frederic revealed that he felt that the natural order of things was being reversed, in that normally things fade with time, but lately it seems to him as if the things around him are becoming more vivid. He wondered if this was because he himself was beginning to fade away more rapidly, like his sister Emilia, who died when she was 14, the same age that Polka is now. He questioned why God would allow such a thing, taking away even her chance to live, but Polka comforted him by telling him that Emilia lives on through his music.

Following this conversation, there was a sound of a cannon blast and it was discovered that the ship was under attack by the Pirate Ship Dolce. As thanks for rescuing them, Polka and the others offered to travel on-board the ship and deal with the pirates and Crescendo reluctantly agreed.


  • Leather Jacket
  • Sparkling Clothes
  • Twilight Feather
  • Dawn Feather
  • Fallen Feather
  • Pure Feather
  • Chance Feather
  • Icy Feather
  • Time Feather
  • Lion's Mane
  • Dragon Scale
  • Mouse Metronome
  • Odd Chocolate
  • Fish Incense
  • Big Paper Fan


  • Hell Mustard
  • Bubble Straw
  • Piercing Shell (Accessory for Beat)
  • Score Piece 7
  • Score Piece 8


Behind the scenesEdit

  • If playing on Encore Mode, the player may use the teleportation device in the Warp Room on the grounds of the Baroque Castle area to return to the Baroque Ship and collect any treasures they may have missed before. Additionally, they will find that the ship is once again under attack by the Pirate Ship Dolce and may revisit that as well, if desired.