Baroque City Intro Screen

Baroque City intro screen

"Have you been to visit the surrounding town yet? The sight of the city covered in snow is famous in nearby countries as the most beautiful view in the world."
—An attendant in Baroque Castle

An elegant city in the World of Eternal Sonata with glaciers and a marvelous castle. It is home to Prince Crescendo and Princess Serenade and is the capital of the Baroque region.

Inside the CastleEdit

Main article: Baroque Castle

After the cutscene, go south and enter the main room. Then go up the stairs on the right and all the way down the hall to a blue door. Enter for an event that will take you to Baroque City, or to Lament in the PlayStation 3 release of Eternal Sonata, followed by Baroque City.

Item Shop (Initial Visit)Edit

  • Leather Jacket: 500G
  • Elegant Clothes: 900G
  • Angel Trumpet: 200G
  • Snowpuff Cookie: 300G
  • Shadow Tail: 50G
  • Bubble Straw: 50G
  • Twilight Feather: 50G
  • Dawn Feather: 50G
  • Fallen Feather: 50G
  • Pure Feather: 50G
  • Chance Feather: 50G
  • Icy Feather: 50G
  • Time Feather: 50G
  • Wormwood: 200G
  • Stone of the Spring: 500G

Hotel EnsembleEdit

You can stay here and heal your party for 200G.

Sharp MountainsEdit

Main article: Sharp Mountains

An icy and frozen mountain path to Wah Lava Cave, visited by exiting Baroque City from the castle entrance area.

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Although Baroque City can be visited in Chapter 4 while controlling Polka, it is not required to visit it until Chapter 5.