Arco on Viola's Shoulder

Arco, sitting on Viola's shoulder

"My name is Viola and this little guy over here is my partner, Arco."
—Viola introduces the party to Arco.

Arco is Viola's pet and loyal companion. It is never specified exactly what type of animal he is, though his appearance appears to be a sort of cross between a squirrel and a rabbit.


Allegretto: "You're telling me we've got another one now? Oh, terrific."
Viola: "Sorry, buddy. Not so fast. You've actually got two more coming with you. Arco and I always travel together."
— Viola informs Allegretto that Arco will be coming with her.

Arco is first introduced when the party meets Viola in her house in the Chorus Plains. Polka comments on his cuteness. Viola starts that Arco is her partner and that he always comes with her.

Following the destruction of the Cabasa Bridge, Viola, Allegretto, Jazz, Claves and Falsetto find themselves at a campsite in Adagio Swamp. Seeing that Allegretto looks down, Arco approaches him and chatters, and Viola states that Arco is telling him to cheer up.

Later, in Baroque City, Jazz asks Viola if she has a special someone. Unable to admit her romantic feelings for him, she replies "He's with me all the time" and calls for Arco, who runs happily up to her shoulder. After Jazz exits, Viola states that she's "third of three players," having lost to both Claves and Falsetto.


  • In music, "arco" is a directive for string instruments to indicate that the passage should be played with the bow using the traditional bowing technique.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • While Arco is stated to be Viola's constant companion and appears in her battle portrait, he does not actually appear in battle, unlike some games where player pets will serve as aids for special attacks in battle.
  • If the player pokes around in Viola's home, Allegretto will find a basket that is Arco's home and comments that it's "not bad."
  • In the Woodblock Groves, Jazz provides the party with Neutralizing Stone items to help counteract the poisons. He hands two to Viola, who asks why, and he states that one is for Arco.
  • In the Church of EZI in the PlayStation 3 version of the game, the party can examine a picture of flowers, one of which has an odd appearance. If Claves has not been resurrected, then Viola will comment that she'd never let her goats eat flowers like that and mentions that she eats flowers too. Beat is shocked at this, but Viola turns to Arco, saying that they don't allow picky eaters at her house, and Arco mews.
  • In the PlayStation 3 version of the game, one can sometimes receive a sequence showing pictures of the characters during the first set of closing credits. One of these depicts Viola and Arco in their home.


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