Andantino's Secret Passage Intro Screen

Intro screen for Andantino's Secret Passage

Salsa: "Whew! Finally! I've been dyin' for some fresh air! But I can't believe that huge rock moved out of the way, just by giving it a little push! I guess I'm even stronger than I thought I was!"
Falsetto: "Who are you people? And how did you know about this secret passageway?"
Frederic: "We've just escaped from being held in the dungeon of Forte Castle."
— Falsetto is surprised by the party's sudden emergence from the passage.

Andantino's Secret Passage, also referred to more fully as Andantino's Secret Passage: Cave is a secret underground tunnel in the World of Eternal Sonata connecting the dungeon of Forte Castle to Hanon Hills. Access is granted from the dungeon by a hole in the wall and from the Hanon Hills side by a disguised mechanism on the rockface.


Viola: "It looks suspicious to me."
Polka: "But this seems to be our only way out. There are bound to be lots of soldiers upstairs."
Salsa: "It'll be fine! I'll bet this hole was dug by a great burglar! I'm sure it will get us outside!"
— The party discusses whether or not to use the secret passage.

The Forte resistance group Andantino plans a rescue mission into this passage in order to rescue the Guardian of Agogo Forest, Salsa. Claves, seemingly unclear about the mission, asks Jazz to repeat the details. Falsetto is seemingly annoyed, but everything is eventually ironed out and they set off on their mission.

Meanwhile, Allegretto, Beat, Frederic, Polka and Viola are mistaken for Andantino by Tuba. He throws them in the dungeon with Salsa, but Allegretto picks the lock. They escape from their cell and leave the dungeon through the secret passage.




A "passage" in music has the same meaning as a "section" which means a complete musical idea.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • The trigger mechanism to open the passage can be examined by Allegretto in the Hanon Hills when the party first visits the area, but he cannot actually make use of it.
  • The battlefield of the area is mostly in darkness, but with patches of light in areas on the side.
  • Once the player exits this passage, they cannot re-enter it in a normal playthrough, though in Encore Mode it can be revisited in Chapter 6 or 7 by using the Warp Room in Baroque City to return to Forte City and then traveling through the Hanon Hills back to first area and activating the switch that grants entry. The player can travel back as far as the dungeon of Forte Castle and even speak with Thief Slur if they have not yet obtained the items from him from the Score Piece sidequest.

Notes and referencesEdit

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