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Waltz: "Didn't you hear me? I asked you a question: why does Andantino continue to fight?"
Legato: "Well, I..."
Waltz: "Don't know the answer? It's because someone else is backing them. They aren't stupid. The reason they haven't stopped fighting is because they think they actually have a chance to win."
— Waltz and Legato discuss Andantino's activities.

Andantino is an anti-government resistance movement underground organization that opposes Count Waltz's exploitation of the people of Forte. Andantino is based in the underground city of Andante, where most of the members now reside. They do not claim to be a terrorist organization as "Andantino does not attack innocent civilians."

Andantino was formed a number of years prior to the events of Eternal Sonata, following Forte's crackdown on a revolution of the miners at Mt. Rock. The group is led by Jazz, a passionate warrior and speaker known for his ability to lead.

Andantino is backed by Baroque, which has had a history of conflict with Forte. In Chapter 4, Prince Crescendo asks the party to tell Jazz that he can no longer support them, as he wishes to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Though Andante's members generally respect Jazz, many of them believe that Andantino should take more direct action than what it has in the past. In Chapter 3, several soldiers discuss the possibility of a lightning raid on Forte Castle and enlisting Etude's help. The group eventually goes ahead with their raid, but only Etude survives. He lands in Andantino's infirmary and Allegretto suggests that Polka heal him with magic, but Jazz stops her, stating that Etude "needs to remember this pain."

Notable MembersEdit

Jazz - Concept Art

Concept art of Jazz, Andantino's leader

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the manga adaptation of Eternal Sonata, Jazz is the only member of Andantino seen. As such, the organization is never mentioned by name, and the details of their purpose and goals are never really explored.
  • Though the members of the party not already in Andantino never formally join it, Viola in particular seems very sympathetic with their goals and expresses her open support for them after learning more about them.
  • Since nothing is known about what happens following the game's ending, Andantino's fate is uncertain. It is likely that they joined Prince Crescendo and the people of Baroque in aiding the citizens of Forte, who were left without a leader after the defeat of Count Waltz and his lieutenants.


In music, andantino is a tempo marking that usually means "slightly faster than andante," though in some contexts it may actually mean "slightly slower than Andante."[1]

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