"You should know that Forte is not a very friendly place right now. It's much nicer here in Agogo Forest."
—March to the party, when she first meets them.
Agogo forest

Introduction screen for Agogo Forest

Agogo Forest is a lush, green forest in the World of Eternal Sonata connecting Ritardando to Agogo Village. It is first seen in the game's first chapter, "Raindrops," and is later revisited in Chapter 6, "Tristesse," when the party searches for the Agogo Queen Mother to revive Polka from a comatose state. The forest is guarded by two sisters, March and Salsa. The forest has recently been the site of much activity, due to Count Waltz's search for glowing agogos and the activities of Forte have threatened the delicate ecology of the forest.


Common CreaturesEdit


Trading QuestEdit

  • Speak to the old man in the final area of forest with Dentures in hand to receive the Green Paint.
  • Return to the second area of the forest and speak with the painter after receiving the Green Paint to obtain the Long Johns.
  • Travel to Chorus Plains.

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • In the original Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, Fugue is defeated in the initial battle with him and there is no need to revisit Agogo Forest later on.