Allegretto and Arco

Allegretto and Arco in Adagio Swamp

Claves: "...crops tend to grow very well in the nearby regions of the river."
Jazz: "No. That was in the past. Ever since Waltz started mining Mt. Rock things have changed a lot around this area."
Falsetto: "A lifetime to build, but it only takes a moment to destroy. You know, human beings really are masters of destruction. Everything we do has some effect on the environment. And ultimately, that ends up affecting human society as well."
— The party discusses the demise of the Adagio Swamp area.

Adagio Swamp is a calm, peaceful swampy area in the Andante region of the World of Eternal Sonata. Crops used to grow very well in this area due to its proximity to the Fusion River, but the mining at Mt. Rock to make mineral powder has had a deleterious effect on the local ecology.


After being knocked into the Fusion River by Tuba, Allegretto, Viola and the members of Andantino: Jazz, Claves and Falsetto are carried to the Adagio Swamp. There, they set up camp and spend four days resting and recovering, Allegretto worrying about the fate of the party members that they were split from. Fully recovered, the party leaves their camp and makes their way through the swamp to reach Cantabile Inn on the way to the village of Andante, the headquarters of Andantino.



Behind the scenesEdit

  • It has only two sections - West Side and East Side.
  • In the East Side area, there is a motionless Blue Gil. If the player is taking part in the trading sidequest, then after visiting the Woodblock Groves and receiving the Empty Vase from the motionless Bloody Onion, the player can return to the Adagio Swamp and examine the motionless Blue Gil. It will spin and then give the player a Power Ring accessory, which increases a character's strength by 10%.
  • After exiting the swamp, a scene ensues where the party arrives at Cantabile Inn. Notice that there is boat on side of them. The next day when exiting, if you go up the path with the boat it won't take you back to the swamp but to the next dungeon, Woodblock Groves. This is an apparent continuity error.

Musical themeEdit

Silence and Life - Sample

Listen to sample of "Silence and Life," the theme of Adagio Swamp

"Silence and Life" is the musical theme for the Adagio Swamp. This is Track 14 of the second disc of the game's original score.



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In music, adagio is a tempo indicating that the music is to be played slow and stately, or "at ease."[1]

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