Hometown Andante
Age 27
Weapon Broadswords
Japanese Voice Actor George Nakata
English Voice Actor D.C. Douglas
Eternal Sonata Character

Jazz: "I'm putting everything on the line to defend the living, to protect those who are trying to survive."
Falsetto: "Don't be so dramatic, Jazz. There's nobody here who needs you to defend their life."
Jazz: "I guess not."
— Jazz and Falsetto, following the battle with Herculean Boar

Jazz (ジルバ Jiruba?, lit. "Jitterbug") is the leader of the anti-government group Andantino. His two top lieutenants are Falsetto and Claves. He was born in the area of Mt. Rock in Forte, and thus is passionate about the area.


"Listen. When you eliminate all the other possibilities, you cannot escape the truth that remains. No matter how difficult it may be to accept."
—Jazz to Prince Crescendo

Jazz has a serious and determined personality, and has always been looked up to as a natural leader. He has had a talent for commanding others from an early age and his sincerity and passion earn him the natural respect of others. He has strong feelings about helping the people of Forte and is appalled by what is happening under Count Waltz. Jazz tries to deal with everyone fairly, but is capable of "tough love," such as not allowing the healing by magic of rebel fighter who led a foolish and unwinnable assault, stating that he needs to remember his pain. He is a man of action and feels that he cannot stand idly by while others are suffering, but his experience has taught him that one should not enter a battle if one cannot be reasonably confident of victory.


"We can never turn back time. Even if such a thing were possible, I wouldn't want to. Because it would only be a negation of the choices made by the friends who've died along the way."
—Jazz responds to Polka's question about whether he would do things over if he could.

Jazz knows both Falsetto and Crescendo from his childhood. Sometime before the events of Eternal Sonata he founded Andantino and fell in love with Claves.

Jazz took part in a revolution of the miners at Mt. Rock, led by Tenor. When the group was on the edge of defeat, Tenor urged Jazz and his compatriots to flee in order to survive. Jazz later founded Andantino as he was worried about the damage Count Waltz might be doing to the people with the mineral powder and the processes needed to mine it. Jazz was initially suspicious of Falsetto being a spy for Forte, but Claves talked him out of this idea shortly before she was murdered. He also suggests to Crescendo that he should consider invading Forte to stop Count Waltz's tyrannical plan.

Viola is also secretly in love with him, but when he asks her who her special someone is, she states her special someone is her pet Arco. Jazz and Viola can both be seen looking disappointed afterwards. Viola admits to herself that she lacks courage in this matter, calling herself the "third of three players."

Fighting StyleEdit

See also: List of Broadswords.
Jazz (6)

Jazz in the Count Waltz battle at Mt. Rock

"Ha! I can see where you're going to end up!"
—Jazz at the start of a battle.

In battle, Jazz's nature is that of a gaming archetype known as the "mighty glacier". He wields a massive broadsword, capable of landing hits that would otherwise be well out of range for other melee fighters. Though he does not land many hits in each turn compared to other characters, each individual swing of his sword counts as two when it comes to building hits for Echoes. He has the highest HP of any character in the game, as well as high attack power and is able to equip heavy armor for strong defense. His most powerful weapon, Bezwell's Sword, allows him to absorb 20% of inflicted damage as HP, essentially giving him a means to sustain his health indefinitely without the need for support from allies or items. His high stats in these areas make him a good choice to place in Burst status via the Crimson Brooch or Solomon's Ring accessories. His speed stat, however, is his only weakness as he has the lowest of any character throughout the game, maxing at 24 points less than the next highest in the PlayStation 3 version, and over 150 points less than the highest.

Another plus is his specials, which are an interesting blend of wide area assaults. Plasma Chains and Dimensional Turn are both situational, best suited when there are targets standing some length behind him. His Magma Pillar and Raven Blast are great as crowd control, when the enemies surround him. Whirlwind and Maelstrom are solid line attacks while Geo Blade and Heat Blade serve as his main Echo builders and damage dealers, as Jazz swings his broadsword in grand sweeps (with a powerful area-clearing blast as the finale). Jazz is best suited to handling multiple targets at any given time.

One slight disadvantage of Jazz is that upon returning to the party in Chapter 5, his levels may be a bit lower than those of other characters, particularly if the player did not use him earlier in the game. This can be quickly made up for, however, by regularly including him in the active party. Jazz has several weapons that place him in negative statuses, which are best avoided in a normal playthrough. In Encore Mode, however, it may be worth considering the use of these weapons if the player has obtained accessories that protect against the statuses, at least until Jazz gains better weapons.

Special AttacksEdit

This is a complete list of Jazz's Special Attacks. Some of Jazz's moves were altered in the PlayStation 3 port, so he learns some abilities at different levels.

Attack Name Type Hits Xbox 360 Level PlayStation 3 Level Range Knockdown Chances Time Description
Heat Blade Light 7 Default Default Melee Weak 3.6 The fire on the blade burns all.
Magma Pillar Darkness - Default Default Radius (+20 ft) 1.7 Emerging lava attacks nearby enemies.
Plasma Chains Light 1 23 23 Melee (+30 ft) 2.0 The second hit damages enemies from behind.
Geo Blade Darkness 7 27 55 Melee Medium 3.6 The ice on the blade crushes the enemy.
Whirlwind Light - 31 31 +40 ft. 1.7 Create a tornado and attack the enemy.
Raven Blast Light - 43 63 Radius (+20 ft) 1.7 Attack nearby enemies.
Maelstrom Darkness - 55 27 +40 ft. 1.7 Create a maelstrom and attack the enemy.
Dimensional Turn Darkness 1 63 43 +30 ft. 2.0 The second hit damages enemies from behind.



Jazz is a musical style that originated in the early 20th century in black communities in the southern United States, noted for elements such as improvisation and syncopation.[1] The use of the name is one of Eternal Sonata's many anachronisms. His name in the Japanese version, "Jitterbug", is a type of dance.

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • The PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata provides some additional history regarding Jazz, including his long association with Prince Crescendo.
  • Jazz appears to be right-handed, judging by the way he holds his broadsword throughout the game.
  • In the manga adaptation of the game, Jazz is the only member of Andantino present with a large deviation to his background. The party stumbles upon him in a forest and he says he's journeying to "deepen relations" and never mentions anything about Andantino or a rebel group. He joins the party and aids them on their journey to Forte, where he leaves and is never heard from again.
Jazz - Everything on the Line

Jazz speaks about how he's putting everything on the line to defend the living in a scene from the game's PS3 release.

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